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The problem with old-school self storage software

Clunky, complicated and slow

Many legacy self storage software providers offer a product that is overly complicated, difficult to implement and even harder to train up your staff on. Operators are left running their business around their software, instead of it working for them.

Clunky software

Not cloud based

Old-school software isn’t cloud based. That means it’s not accessible anywhere, from any device – making it inflexible and inconvenient to use for you and your staff.

Not cloud based

Lack of online booking & payments

These days, customers expect the ability to book online. With most of the software on the market offering sub-par or non-existent online booking capabilities, as well as forcing operators to manually process payments.

Lack of online booking

All glitches, no updates

Many older providers have errors and glitches galore during implementation and throughout ongoing usage. Updates are rarely released, and when they are – it’s a bigger hassle that it’s worth to implement them.

All glitches

There’s a better way...

Easy for operators and customers

Stora is user-friendly. You and your staff will pick it up in a matter of hours, not days. Instead of a bloated list of features that don’t work as expected, we focus on providing the cutting-edge tools you need to succeed in self storage.

Easy for operators and customers

Run your business from anywhere

Modern software shouldn’t require you to sit at a desk in reception. With Stora, you can run your business from any location, on any device.

Run your business from anywhere

Easy online bookings & payments

Take bookings and payments online via any device, through an included website optimized for better search visibility and conversion rates. Or, integrate seamlessly with your existing website.

Easy online bookings and payments

Smooth implementation, clear direction

Our excellent support team are there to ensure that Stora is implemented smoothly and works for you and your business. Our direction is clear - we're committed to providing software for the future of self storage and to help your business grow. Our public roadmap holds us accountable for this mission.

Smooth implementation

Speak to our team about your switch today

It’s easy to switch.

We’re proud to say we have a flawless track record of 100% successful payment and invoice porting.

Our experienced UK-based customer support team will handle the heavy lifting for you, ensuring customers and staff alike experience minimal interruption as you transition from your current provider.

Our goals for transitioning customers to Stora are clear:

Minimise customer disruption

Whilst some changes may require customer interaction, we strive to minimise disruptions.

Minimise customer disruption

Ensure seamless payments

No matter how your customers currently pay, we’ll work with you to ensure they are onboarded successfully onto our billing system.

Ensure seamless payments

Deliver measurable value quickly

We’re confident soon after switching to Stora you’ll start to see the impact of using modern self storage software.

Deliver measurable value quickly


"We switched many sites and just short of 1,000 customers all with existing payment details and smart entry codes to Stora. Their team did a lot of the heavy lifting and supported us throughout the entire process.

It went incredibly smoothly, all invoices and payments came across without any problems, and all smart entry codes were imported across perfectly."

Michael Walker
Standby Self Storage Logo

“Enabling customers to add their own payment card details has made THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE to us, I secure sales so much faster and it's saved me loads of time!

Kim Virabi
Boxsafe Logo
Stora makes running our business so much easier. So many manual tasks are now automated away, saving us tonnes of time every day.”

Adam Greenhalgh
Managing Director
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“We moved to Stora in 2022 and it has completely changed our business.

Way less admin, simpler sales process, really easy-to-use system that our staff love. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Cameron Ballard
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Still not convinced?

Stora is proven to grow with you

Operators using Stora grew by 50% in 2023, compared to an industry average of X%.

Average storage revenue

Run by operators, for operators

Our founder, Gavin Shields, runs his own self storage business with two sites in Northern Ireland - so you can trust every decision we make is with operators best interests in mind..

Gavin, Stora CEO

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