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Meet the Team

A group of self storage and software development experts creating an industry redefining platform.

  • Gavin Shields


    Gavin Shields is the CEO at Stora (and self storage automation geek) as well as the MD & Owner of StoreStuff, a self storage chain in the UK.

  • Steven Hylands


    Steven is Stora’s Chief Product Officer. He’s using his vast experience in software development to revamp the self storage industry. Beyond that he enjoys landscape photography and exploring the world.

  • Phil McClure

    Principal Software Engineer

    Phil is a software developer with more than 15 years experience across the full stack. He's worked closely with startups like Bitnet, PiggyPot, Yomo and Rotor Videos.

  • Will McNeilly

    Principal Software Engineer

    Will is a software developer with a design eye. A specialist in UI/UX development, he previously worked at Rumble Labs, Bitnet, PiggyPot, Yomo and Rotor Videos.

  • Mark Dawson

    Head of Sales

    Mark heads our sales team here at Stora. Previously he worked at self storage industry giant Janus helping to sell their Nōke smart entry product.

  • Joshua Webb

    Head of Marketing

    Joshua leads our marketing ventures, joining Stora from the self-storage software company Calcumate. Before that, he worked as the Marketing Manager for a self-storage operator in Australia.

  • Jeff Knox

    Senior Software Engineer

    Jeff joins the team after 2.5 years at FreeAgent and before that at Primate. He's a Ruby and Ruby on Rails specialist with a passion for web performance.

  • Brian Young

    Customer Success Manager

    Brian helps our customers get onboarded onto the Stora platform, ensuring a seamless transistion and an all-round great experience.

  • Mark Leetch

    Software Engineer

    Mark is an experienced software developer. Previously he worked with Rumble Labs and Elucidate.

  • Eamonn Lavelle

    Senior Product Designer

    Eamonn hails from a remote island in the wild West of Ireland. When he's not designing you'll usually find him on his surf board or in his camper van.

  • Aled Bidder

    Software Engineer

    Aled recently discovered his passion for engineering and made a career switch, quickly becoming a vital part of our engineering team.

  • Jack Riminton

    Junior Software Engineer

    Jack also switched career to software development and has been helping the Stora team build out our product since January 2022.

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