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By Steven Hylands on

Got self-storage questions? Found a share-worthy insurer that offers buildings and contents cover in a single policy? Get ready! We’ve just launched a self-storage forum to improve collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the industry.

The Self Storage Community is a new space to get firsthand advice, share learnings and connect with fellow operators to improve and grow your self-storage business.

Making it easier to get answers and help others

After speaking to hundreds of operators around the world this year—from those just getting started to others growing into multi-facility operations—we saw how much valuable information is locked away in the minds of operators. No matter where an operator was in their business, they had a goldmine of insights acquired from their journey so far, but also emerging questions about how to take next steps and overcome new obstacles.

We decided a welcoming space for self-storage folks to connect and share would be beneficial to everyone. So we’ve created the Self-Storage Community to help everyone share their unique insights and experiences and get practical, up-to-date answers to your most pressing questions—not from blog articles written by bots and armchair experts, but directly from operators who’ve solved those problems themselves.

Introducing the community

Hot topics

We’ve just launched, but there are already lots of great posts from our members, like:

Take a look and add your own thoughts to the discussions. You’ll also find dedicated spaces to get answers to your questions and discuss the industry. Since we’re big fans of transparency, we’ve also added spaces to get updates on Stora and chat about the product. And we’ll continue to evolve it based on what the community wants. If you have a suggestion, just drop a message here.

Three more reasons to join

Our self-storage forum is free and open to anyone to join. Regardless of whether you’re an owner, manager, or just intrigued by the idea of launching a self-storage business … you’re welcome! But to recap, here are three more reasons to become a part of The Self Storage Community:

1. Get advice

Get help with your problems and up-skill with advice from the experiences of your peers in sales, marketing, operations and beyond.

2. Connect with operators

Build relationships with self storage operators and managers across the world, at different stages of their journey.

3. Input into Stora

Get sneak peeks and early access to new Stora features and share your insights into how you’re using the product.

Sign up now, and don’t miss our getting started guide. We’re looking forward to chatting with you there!

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Steven Hylands

Steven is Stora’s Chief Product Officer. He’s using his expertise in software design and development to help move the self storage industry forward and make it better for everyone.

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