Payment Terms

Below are our payment terms that govern the purchase and use of our services:

Subscription plan payment

A recurring subscription payment for your chosen plan, paid monthly or annually. Your subscription payment amount is determined by the number of storage units you have in your Stora account. When you add additional units which causes you to exceed the number of units allowed for your current unit pricing band, your subscription charge will be increased to reflect.

Add-ons payment

If you purchased an add-on such as our customisable website or phone support, it will be charged alongside your subscription payment.

Identity check fees

Should you chose to use Stora Identity, there is a per-verification attempt fee. Learn about Stora Identity pricing in your country.

One-on-one onboarding

Any one-on-one onboarding hours will be charged upfront, unless otherwise agreed.

Transaction fees

You will not be charged a transaction fee by Stora unless otherwise agreed. Payment processing fees are paid directly to Stripe.

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