Exploring Smart Entry Solutions: BearBox - Self Storage Explained #1

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Welcome to the first episode of Self Storage Explained — Expert advice to set up and scale your self storage business. Hosted by Gavin Shields.

We're kicking things off with our "Exploring Smart Entry Solutions" series. Here, Gavin speaks directly with leading providers to learn about their technologies, offering self storage operators crucial insights into how these access systems function. Through these conversations, we hope you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind the solutions and their practical benefits.

Episode 1: BearBox Security Systems

About this episode

BearBox is a self storage access control system that offers features such as two-factor authentication, electronic locking systems, and integration with software platforms like Stora. The system allows for unmanned operations and reduces administrative tasks for facility operators. Bearbox can be installed on various types of doors, including gates, roller shutter doors, swing doors, and electric gates. The customer experience with Bearbox includes options like PIN codes, QR codes, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and mobile apps. The system also offers features like zone control, motion sensors, and camera integration for enhanced security. Bearbox serves customers in Europe and the UK and provides support through email and phone.


  • Bearbox offers a range of access control features for self-storage facilities, including two-factor authentication and electronic locking systems.
  • The system can be installed on various types of doors and gates, and it integrates with software platforms like Stora for seamless operations.
  • Customers can access self-storage facilities using PIN codes, QR codes, ANPR, and mobile apps.
  • Bearbox provides options for zone control, motion sensors, and camera integration to enhance security.
  • The system serves customers in Europe and the UK and offers support through email and phone.

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