Exploring Smart Entry Solutions: Sedisto - Self Storage Explained #5

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Episode 5: Sedisto

About this episode

In our "Exploring Smart Entry Solutions" series, Gavin speaks directly with leading providers to learn about their technologies, offering self storage operators crucial insights into how these access systems function. Through these conversations, we hope you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind the solutions and their practical benefits.

Stefan from Sedisto introduces the company and its services, which include a smart entry system for indoor storage facilities. He explains the challenges of locking container doors and the installation process for unit doors. Stefan also discusses the customer experience, operator experience, and the cost of the system. Sedisto is available in Europe and Asia, and interested individuals can reach out through the company's website or YouTube channel.


  • Sedisto provides a smart entry system for indoor storage facilities, offering access control for doors, gates, elevators, and box units.
  • Locking container doors is a challenge due to the lack of suitable digital or smart locks available in the market.
  • The installation of locks on unit doors can be done during the construction phase or retrofitted onto existing doors.
  • The customer experience involves receiving an email with a link to download the app, which allows them to open doors and access their storage units.
  • Operators can manage the system through a back-end system, which provides access control, monitoring, and remote opening capabilities.

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