Blockspace Self Storage starts to sell online with Stora

By Gavin Shields on January 22, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Exeter-based Blockspace Self Storage have chosen Stora as their website, bookings, payments and facility management solution.

Since the launch of ’Stora for Startups’ last month, we have seen over a dozen new accounts set up, and now Blockspace are the first to take their site live and begin taking customer bookings.

Blockspace Website

Blockspace use Stora for their website, bookings, payments and online check-in processes.

Founder of Blockspace Self Storage Lizzie Jenner said:

From the outset, we wanted to create an automated, unmanned facility with no on-site staff. Just a website to do the selling for us. We expected it to take months to set up and cost a fortune. Then we discovered Stora and it took minutes all for a low price that scales with our sales.

Blockspace Self Storage

Gavin Shields, CEO of Stora, said

It has been a real pleasure working with Lizzie and Jeff from the initial concept through to opening their facility, and we’re delighted to be a part of it. Stora for Startups is perfect for any new operator who wants a high-quality, SEO optimised website that takes online bookings and payments, helps them manage the facility and automates key business processes. We wish Lizzie and Jeff all the best as they grow their business over the coming months and years.

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Gavin Shields

Gavin Shields is the CEO at Stora, a provider of self storage automation software and services, as well as the MD & Owner of self storage operator, StoreStuff.

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