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Simply powerful self storage management software

Advanced automation and airtight integration of your website, sales, and tenant data turns self storage management practically hands-free.

Self storage management
More management mod-cons than you ever imagined

Make move in days 100% self-service with access automation

Control precisely which tenants can access their units when, all from within Stora.

Auto allocation

Auto reservation

Let Stora automatically allocate units to any new bookings from your website, and make it possible to offer One Minute Move-ins.

Auto access

Auto access

Connect your smart entry system to give customers access via an app or with automatically generated codes. We integrate with systems worldwide and are always adding more.

Auto entry

Auto entry instructions

Automated emails tell customers exactly how to access your site and their unit, so you don’t have to remember to write to every renter.

Effortless automated storage space management

Delegate your repetitive chores to Stora and free up your time to focus on business growth.

Auto availability

Auto availability

Always be sure your Storefront is set up to match your availability. Let Stora switch the status of any unit type to collect bookings or leads to match if units are available or not.

Auto deallocation

Auto deallocation

Never forget to remove a customer from their unit. Once they’ve finished storing with you, make it automatically available for the next customer!

Auto overlocking

Auto overlocking units

Set Stora to instantly lock out tenants whenever they miss a payment and automatically reactivate access once payment clears.

Manual overrides

Manual overrides

Block tenant access at any time with a simple click of a button in Stora.

See real-time vacancies in one place with our award winning smart maps

See who's awaiting allocation, which units are empty, and manage them all from data-rich, interactive floor plans.

Self Storage Facility Maps

Birds-eye status summary

Why jump between systems or screens to figure out unit availability when you can review your entire facility at-a-glance?

Point + click management

Point + click management

Swiftly change a unit's status, assign it to a tenant, or jump into a their rental history with convenient selectors and controls.

Live updates

Live updates

With Stora you're always seeing the up-to-date occupancy breakdown. Change a unit's status and watch your map update instantly.

Simple setup

Simple set up

Make your site maps using simple drag and drop controls, or let our team make them for you.

Make space with fully flexible assignment control

When large units fill up, allocate multiple small units to a single tenant without multiplying the admin. Stora keeps it all conveniently unified on the one tenant account, invoice, and payment.

Eliminate data entry

Cut out the keying with tenant contact and financial data that auto syncs between your united Storefront and Backoffice.

Effortless facility management from your Home screen

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with the Home screen – your tailored dashboard for managing self storage facilities with ease.

Flexible payments

All-in-one self storage dashboard

No more juggling between tabs or screens. The Home Screen brings together the most crucial metrics and actions for seamless facility management.

On time payments

Key business metrics at your fingertips

Stay informed with real-time insights into key data. Monitor current occupancy, keep track of your month-to-date revenue, and manage outstanding balances with ease.

Global payments

Get alerted and take action in seconds

Contact new leads, allocate move-ins, and manage move-outs with real-time alerts. Never miss an opportunity or overlook an action.

Recharge payment cards

Tools for day-to-day site management

Manage all of your sites straight from the home screen. Gain instant access to each site's map, along with upcoming move ins and move outs.

Streamline your operations with tasks

Keep your to-do list in Stora so you can stay on top of your leads, customers, and day-to-day operations.

Create tasks

Create tasks in seconds

Task creation couldn't be easier. Simply fill in as little or as much details as you want and you're good to go.

Flexible payments

Relate tasks to resources

Easily relate tasks to your Customers, Leads, Subscriptions, Sites or Units to create a simple list of exactly what needs done for anything.

On time payments

Assign & and set due dates

Assign tasks to team members and instantly alert them to be sure things get done. Set due dates so you can be sure tasks get completed in time.

Add notes to tasks

Discuss tasks

Every task has its own notes, so you and your team members can keep update each other on how the task is progressing.

Plus all the essentials you’d expect, but smarter

Manage everything together

Complete tasks faster with facility, unit, sales, and customer controls at your fingertips.

Facility Management

  • Add facilities
  • Add new unit types
  • Create units in bulk
  • Allocate units
  • Track availability
  • Tailor settings per facility
  • Set smart entry types per site

Customer Management

  • Search + filter customers
  • Add notes
  • Add order numbers
  • Control online booking ranges
  • Set move-in times
  • Set move-in days
  • Custom move-out days

Lead Management

  • Manage website prospects
  • Instant new prospect alerts
  • Convert prospects into deals
  • Add deals from any source
  • Customisable sales pipeline

Payment Management

  • Bill hands-free
  • View + manage invoices
  • Create invoices manually as needed
  • Add new billable items to invoices
  • Manage payments
  • Change payment dates + methods
  • Recharge cards on file
  • Track + report data

Work + grow without limitations

Experience self storage management software that's built for business convenience and efficiency today...and where you're headed next.

Accesssible everywhere

Accessible everywhere

Cloud convenience lets you manage work from wherever you are—in your office, during school drop offs, or even the gym.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users

Add team members to your account at no extra cost to streamline management for everyone.

Long term support

Long-term support

Stora can support unlimited sites and units, so as your facilities grow and locations increase, Stora expands with you.

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