Introducing the Self Storage Brand Marketplace

By Steven Hylands on

Here at Stora, we want to help the next generation of self storage startups get up and running as simply as possible. The main way we’ve done that to date is through our web software product (which makes it easy for any self storage business to sell online and automate time-consuming processes).

Over the last few months, we’ve been talking to self storage startups and we’ve realized there’s even more we can do to help by using our industry knowledge to help them develop one of the most fundamental aspects of their business — their brand.

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What makes a great self storage brand?

We believe a great self storage brand must evoke security, strength and trust. Ideally, it has a unique, inviting, memorable name, forged into a beautifully designed eye-catching logo.

You want something that works great online, but also stands out on your facilities signage so it’s seen and remembered by passers-by.

Coming up with an awesome brand can be tricky. To date your best bet will have been to work with a professional to develop your brand name and logo design. Today we’re delighted to introduce an all-new way to get the perfect self storage brand. A way that takes up less of your time, for an affordable fixed cost, and helps you get a step ahead of the competition Introducing the Stora self storage brand marketplace. The easiest way to get a ready-made, premium self storage brand.

About the brand marketplace

We’ve worked with designers worldwide to craft a series of high-quality self storage brands. All of the names and logo are optimized to be the perfect fit for the requirements of a self storage business. The best bit is we went even further. With each brand available we worked out the perfect website domain name and mocked up how it would look in signage, on an online store, and more.

Here’s what you get when you purchase a Stora brand:

  • Full ownership over the brand name and assets
  • A domain name
  • Logo design
  • Design mockups
  • A Stora online store with a bespoke design theme to match your new brand, completely free for 3 months!

You can get everything above starting from just £1,495.

We can also tailor certain brands to fit your needs or create something completely bespoke. Just let us know and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Which brand will you choose for your self storage startup?

Have a look through our brand marketplace today and get in touch if you find the perfect brand to kickstart your journey to build a self storage empire.

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Steven Hylands

Steven is Stora’s Chief Product Officer. He’s using his expertise in software design and development to help move the self storage industry forward and make it better for everyone.

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