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Keep your finger on the financials

Easily monitor performance with Stora's big picture and detailed dashboards of your sales, MRR, occupancy, and average rate/sq.ft.

  • Updated daily
  • Cumulative data + per facility
  • Quick date range filters

Dig deeper to spot problems before they grow

Tap into your Stripe Billing data for even greater granularity—and catch and resolve business issues before they're too big to fix.

  • Customer retention trends
  • Customer lifetime value trends
  • Live collections data to curtail bad debts
Billing Analytics

Know when + where there’s capacity for growth

Decide when to increase rates, run sales, or add more units with informative occupancy summaries, breakdowns, and percentage-change data.


Get a clearer picture of your sales patterns

See when business is busiest and compare online vs offline rentals to sharpen your promotional strategies—from ad spend and scheduling to budget allocation between facilities and more.

Automatic + always included

With Stora, your performance reports are always visible and come free with your account. Instantly available. Nothing extra to pay.

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Use your data however you like with easy exports so you can dig deeper or share with others.

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