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Leveraging AI for Self Storage Website Content

By Gavin Shields on

When it comes to the creation of content for your self storage website, the first question to answer is what to write about. You could of course just write whatever you think will be useful to your visitors and customers, there is absolutely merit in that. However, you also need to think strategically, create great content that can get ranked by search engines for your targeted keywords in the hopes of bringing potential customers to your website. The good news is that AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard can help you work out what keywords to target, and get you started with content that you can iterate on before publishing it to your website.

What you'll learn today

In this guide, we’ll walk through how you can use ChatGPT today to create a self storage web page. You'll learn how you can use it do the following:

  • Identify a keyword to target

  • Establish a good content structure of a web page for this keyword

  • Write SEO-optimized content

  • Optimize the web page URL and metadata for search engines

  • Where to link the page on your website

We’ll use a fictional business named SpaceVault in Wilmington North Carolina, and assume the goal is to get more relevant potential business customers to visit our self storage website and book. To do this, we’ll create a page for a specific use case - business storage.

Step 1: Tell ChatGPT about your business and what you need help with

To start, I will simply teach ChatGPT a bit about my business and my goal, and ask it for help creating my web page and associated data. The key here is to provide it with as much relevant information about your business as possible, to return relevant results. You can talk to it just like a human, for example:

I want to create a web page for my self storage business that targets Business Storage customers. My business is named SpaceVault and is in Wilmington North Carolina. Some key characteristics are: Secure indoor storage, 24 hour CCTV, individually alarmed units, storage accessed via an app, free van hire. Please help work out the keyword to target, the URL, metadata and create the content for an SEO optimized web page

ChatGPT’s response

ChatGPT prompt response

ChatGPT gives me a decent start, identifying a few keywords to consider and already a full web page of content I could use (though you’re best rewriting and just using this for inspiration or possibly be penalised by search engines).

Out of its suggestions, the Business Storage Wilmington NC keyword is an obvious one to focus on. However, if you want to really make sure you’re selecting keywords that people are actively searching, and you may rank well for, you’d be best digging deeper into keyword research first.

Chatbot generated content gives you a starting point

The great thing about starting your website content creation this way, is that it gets you over the hump of starting. Sometimes it can be much easier to have something written (no matter how imperfect it is), as it will get your brain ticking, you’ll read it and likely quickly know what you like, what you don’t and start having ideas about what to add.

We could now simply take this text into a text editor and start iterating on it, but we can also reply to ChatGPT, clarify our chosen keyword and to ask it to make some changes for us first.

After reviewing the content, I feel it would be good to mention some nearby areas and use a customer testimonial. So I reply with:

Let's use the keyword “Business Storage Wilmington NC”. Please also mention other towns in the local area, Leland and Wrightsville Beach. Lastly, include this testimonial where you think it fits best from a business customer named Sarah Keating from NC Glassworks.

I had a fantastic experience with SpaceVault Self Storage. The facility is clean, well-maintained, and the security measures in place gave me peace of mind knowing that my business materials would be safe. The staff are super friendly and helpful too. Highly recommended!

ChatGPT’s response

ChatGPT Website Content Prompt

The result is a decent start for my webpage that touches on many key aspects of the self storage business. There are for sure things I would change, and I could keep iterating on it by asking ChatGPT for more changes, but it feels at a point where it will be easier to jump in and start making my own edits. To do this, I’ll start creating the web page in Stora’s self storage web page builder and make content changes as I go.

Step 2: Create your web page

I’ll simply copy across the title, URL, meta title and description and paste into the relevant fields, then copy the content across too. I can quickly select and apply the right formatting for each content element from Stora’s content editor.

Stora Web Page Builder

Now’s the time to start making changes and additions to the content, too. For example, I don’t like how it’s repeating the additional towns I suggested, so I’ll remove some of those. I’ll also just read through it and reword it in a way that better suits my business and generally improves the quality of the content.

Don’t just copy chatbot content word-for-word

Search engines are already penalising AI created content and pushing it down its search results, so it’s best to view this more as a starting point than a finished piece of content you should publish.

Once the changes are done, save and that will be a brand-new web page live on the internet which looks like this:

Web page

Stora webpage content

Give it visual impact

What jumps out to me immediately is that it lacks imagery to make it more engaging and break up the text. I’ll add in an image of the facility as potential customers always want to see where they'll be storing to help them work out if they can trust your business. In additional we'll add another more general business storage related image which I will generate with an AI tool called Midjourney. To learn how to do this, read our guide on Leveraging AI for Self Storage Images (coming soon).

The finished page

Self storage web page

Step 3: Make your page discoverable

The last step is to make sure visitors can find your page. This is important for search engines too, as internal linking and traffic helps them determine a page's importance. For that, I’ll link it from my website footer and add a few more links to it across my website where it makes sense. With your new page in place, you could leave it there, or you could invest in some PPC Advertising for your keyword or high-quality backlinks to drive traffic to it.

Try it yourself!

If you found this guide useful, then why not give it a shot too? You could generate your first AI-assisted web page in less than an hour, and once you've done one the next few will be even quicker. Even if you decided not publish a page created with ChatGPT, the journey of trying it out is well worth it. You'll likely start to think about other ways you can leverage it and other AI tools to the benefit of your self storage business.

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Disclaimer: Tools like ChatGPT are evolving rapidly. This guide and output shared from AI tools was created in September 2023. If you are reading this in the near (or far) future, you are quite likely encountering a different experience and better results.

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Gavin Shields

Gavin Shields is the CEO at Stora, a provider of self storage automation software and services, as well as the MD & Owner of self storage operator, StoreStuff.

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