New In Stora: Add Payment Cards Directly in Stora

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Great news! You can now add debit or credit cards for your customers directly in Stora.

Simply visit your customer’s profile in Stora and add the new card. Then visit any subscriptions they have set up and select the new card as the subscriptions payment method.

It’s perfect for when your customers card has expired and you need to update it for them and also means you can…

Easily change a subscription from a manual payment method to be paid by card

Have you ever had to set up a subscription to be paid via Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque or other means with a view to update it to card payments later?

Well we’ve made that super simple to do! Add the credit or debit card to the customer, then change the payment method to the card from the subscription. All future invoices will then be paid by card. Handy huh??

Stora -change a subscription from a manual payment method to be paid by card
Select a card

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