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Get A Storage Space Calculator On Your Storefront With Calcumate

By Steven Hylands on

Stora have launched an integration with our friends at Calcumate that enables you to add a unit size calculator to a page on your Stora self storage website.

Calcumate helps self storage facilities boost revenue by providing an enhanced online experience for your customers. By taking away all the guesswork and showing them exactly how much space they need, you’re more likely to convert shoppers into happy customers.

To get yours, you will first need to set up your account and calculator with Calcumate. Then get in touch with us to create your page for you.

You can see an example of the Stora Calcumate integration working here.

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Steven Hylands

Steven is Stora’s Chief Product Officer. He’s using his expertise in software development to innovate the self storage industry. When he’s not creating and leading the product team, he enjoys landscape photography and exploring the world.

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