Self Storage – An Industry In Transition And An Opportunity

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The airline industry did it in the early 2000’s… Hotels, car hire and practically every other industry has since made the shift. But the self storage industry has yet to truly embrace the new digital norm —online bookings and payments, self service, and automation. But things are changing rapidly.

And change brings opportunity.

Opportunity Knocks

Younger generations aren’t willing to jump through hoops to achieve their goals. They want to pay online, they don’t want to talk to someone to get a quote. And thanks to the pandemic, they aren’t alone.

The fact is, everyone (young and old alike) has become used to the convenience of online transactions.

If your website doesn’t have an online booking and payment option, it is already at a disadvantage to your competitors. Customers are looking for convenience, efficiency, and most importantly—no hassle.

The good news is the tools and services needed to modernise the self storage industry now exist.

It doesn’t have to be daunting to adapt an existing model that has worked so far, because you will be guided through the process step by step—and the benefits will reach far beyond happy tenants and increasing sales.

“Online bookings and payments don’t replace in-person sales. Our goal is to convert leads into customers in whatever way suits them best. For some people, that is online. For others, it’s in person. We offer both.” Anthony Adams, Engage Management Services

The best self storage software will help you maximise your revenue while minimising time-consuming admin and costs.

5 Simple Steps You Can Take Today In Your Own Self Storage Business:

Take Bookings And Payments On Your Website

A growing number of customers don’t want to phone or visit the facility. They just want to book storage. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and lose out on their business! Increase sales and cut costs by letting your self storage customers see your pricing and book online.

Use Automated Payment Methods

Online cards and direct debits may cost slightly more than traditional methods but when fully automated, you no longer need to chase or even reconcile payments. Your time is valuable—automate your payments and enjoy the long-term saving.

Complete All Checks Online Before Arrival

Minimise admin, be legally and GDPR compliant, and monitor your premises on the go. You can even use automated ID checks to mitigate against fraudulent and criminal activity at your facility.

Use A Smart Entry System To Automate Processes

Not as high-tech as it sounds! Smart entry systems allow your customers to move in anytime, cuts staff costs on-site, shuts out non-payers, and cuts out late payments. It’s all about saving you time and creating an efficient and easy to manage business.

Optimise Your Pricing (And Treble Your Sales!)

Dean Booty (self storage owner) took his site from £57k annual revenue at 100% occupancy to £150k annual revenue at 80% occupancy with no expansion. You can too. Increase the cost of popular units and regularly raise customer prices.

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In just 10 minutes, your self storage business can be doing all of this!

Stora is designed to get you up and running quickly, securely, and with all the tools we mention in this article—that’s everything you need to successfully run your self storage business, whether you’re a startup or an established facility! Book your Stora demo now to see how.

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