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Store24 self storage. If you’re planning a 24 hour access storage facility then Store24 is the perfect brand to make it super obvious that you offer this unique benefit. It’s a simple but effective logo focused on making your all day benefit visible.

What you get:

  • Full ownership over brand name and assets
  • Domain name: store24storage.com
  • Logo design
  • Design mockups
  • A Stora online store with a bespoke design theme to match your new brand, completely free for 3 months!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use the Stora brand marketplace?

    Our mission is to help self storage startups get up and running. We've used our industry knowledge to develop brands we believe will help your business succeed. That means they all have memorable brand names with visually eye-catching logos so they stick in the mind of your customers.

  • What is Stora?

    Stora is a software product for self storage facilities. It gives them an online store where customers can book and pay,the tools needed to manage their facilities and automate away time consuming processes.

  • Who owns the brand I buy?

    You have complete ownership of the brand you purchase. When payment is made, we no longer have any rights or ownership on the brand, logo, domain or any accompanying artwork. You own the brand and are able to do whatever you like with it going forward.

  • Are brands trademarked?

    No, and it’s not possible for us to do so. Trademarks are region and industry specific. To file a trademark for a name or logo, you must already be doing business as that name. Therefore, you will need to apply for trademark registration after you have purchased the name.

  • Can I request logo edits?

    If you buy a brand it can be further customised for an additional fee. If you'd like to discuss edits please let us know.

  • Is my brand purchase confidential?

    Yes, your purchase is 100% confidential. Any personal information you share with Stora is kept private, even from the domain seller. We never publish any sale on our marketplace.

  • What can I do with my domain purchase?

    You'll be able to use your domain for any website, it doesn't have to be a Stora site. You can also set up custom email addresses. Once purchased your domain will be transferred to your own account with your chosen domain registrar.