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The Self Storage Business

From profitability to people, the perfect resources if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the self storage business.


Intrigued by the idea of the self storage business, whether as a customer (there must be some!), investor, or entrepreneur? We’ve compiled a host of resources to give you an inside look at this unique industry. These articles and tools offer everything from the nuances of a customer-first business approach, an overview of the investment prospects, to an analysis of the profitability aspect - perfect if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the self storage business.

How to be a customer-first self storage business and reap the rewards

Ever wondered what it takes to operate a customer-first self storage business and benefit from the rewards that come with it? This in-depth article uncovers the secret to creating a successful self storage venture by putting customers first. The post delves into the significance of understanding your customer's journey, the impact of technology on customer service and how to build loyalty and trust with your clients. It will also guide you on how to stand out in a competitive market by focusing on what customers value most. Intrigued? Learn more by following the link above.

Want to unlock the power of a customer-first approach in your self storage business? Dive into the full article.

Investing in Self Storage

Are you keen on exploring the investment side of the self storage business? Our investment estimator can forecast what annual returns you could receive, based on how much capital you’re thinking of investing in self storage. The calculator factors in a number of variables, such as market trends, growth indicators, and the set up costs that come with an investment in this industry. If you’re wondering how much bang you could potentially get for your buck, this is the calculator for you.

Try our investment calculator and see what returns you could receive from investing your capital in either indoor self storage or container storage.

Are Self Storage Units Profitable?

If profitability is your prime concern, then this page offers the insight you're looking for. In this article, you'll discover the various factors that influence the profitability of self storage units. The resource breaks down the primary revenue drivers, operational costs, and potential challenges you might face in the business. It also highlights how the right strategy and careful planning can make self storage units a lucrative venture.

Want to understand more about the profit-making potential of the self storage business? Read the full article.

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