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Offer Customers One Minute Move-ins With Stora's Latest Automation Features

By Steven Hylands on

Let your potential customer get from outside your front gate to inside their new unit in 60 seconds, thanks to our One Minute Move-ins. We're thrilled to announce our latest automation features available, designed to save you time and make your customers' experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Up until now, self storage operators using Stora have been able to bring people to their website and let them reserve a unit type, save their payment details, verify their ID and sign their storage agreement - all without needing to speak with a member of staff.

We’ve now released three new optional features in the Stora Backoffice which allow you to take your move-in process to the next level and let your facility manage itself. From today, you can turn on…

auto-reserve storage units


Once an online booking has come through, Stora can now automatically allocate the customer to a unit that matches the unit type they selected. All the details they need for accessing their unit will be sent to them on their move-in day and the unit will be marked as occupied within your Stora Backoffice.

When a booking comes in, the unit will be marked as Reserved and you'll be able to see who it was reserved by, their move-in date and when they will receive their access notification.

Auto-deallocation of storage units


On the reverse-side, once they’ve finished storing with you, their unit can be automatically de-allocated at the end of their move-out day and made available for the next customer! If you’re using a smart entry system at your facility, it will also revoke the leaving customer’s access.

Importantly, this will only occur if their unit has not been marked as overlocked or in repossession - so you don’t have to worry about new customers moving into a unit that’s still full of stuff.

Setting storage unit availability


Still want to collect the customer’s details when you’ve no availability for a certain unit type? Let Stora automatically switch the status of your units from bookable to collecting leads when those units are full. As soon as one becomes available again, it will automatically switch back to bookable for you.

This setting can be toggled at the unit type level, so if you’ve certain kinds of units you’d like this option switched on for but not others, you’re able to set that preference within your Stora account.

Check out our video to see how it works for your customers:

This all sounds fantastic, what if they need to make changes?

No problem, we know the circumstances that people need storage for aren’t always straightforward. The customer won’t receive communication about their unit until move-in day, so you’re able to amend their dates, grant them early access or switch their unit for another. You’re also able to turn each of these features on and off from your Stora account whenever you want.

For information on how to set these up in your account, follow the steps here >

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Steven Hylands

Steven is Stora’s Chief Product Officer. He’s using his expertise in software design and development to help move the self storage industry forward and make it better for everyone.

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