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Accelerate growth with the self storage industry’s most advanced reporting platform. The data you need to make decisions, more accessible and filterable than ever. Select any report below to view it in more detail.

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How reporting works

Our reports provide live filterable data for your site(s). The controls may differ between reports, but usually, you'll have control over the length of time you wish to display and the time period you wish to group it by (Day, Week or Month).

Each report is designed to help you learn how your business is operating and gain the insights you need to make key decisions which impact your progress.

Reports include:

  • Gross sales over time
  • Net sales over time
  • Occupancy over time
  • Rate per sq ft/m
  • Recognised revenue by type
  • Recognised revenue over time
  • Allocated sq ft/m over time
  • Unit type occupancy over time
  • Average unit type occupancy over time
  • Customer source over time
  • Marketing source over time
  • Customer source
  • Marketing source

How can I request a report?

We're always looking to add more reports, if there's something missing you'd love to see you can either get in touch via chat support or email us at

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