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New & improved Unit Type Cards

We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve the unit type cards on your Storefront. Not only have we simplified the design, but we’ve enhanced it to help convert more visitors into customers.

What’s changed:

Strike-through pre-discounted price

We’ve switched from the long text describing the discount amount, to a new simplified strike-through price. This is a proven sales tactic that is used across the web by leading professionals (Amazon, etc).

Simplified discount label

Redesigned to be one line of text, which allows the card to be reduced in height significantly, meaning less scrolling on mobile for your customers. We’ve also made it possible to edit the Storefront promotion text displayed. To do so, visit your Discounts page, select the Discount and press edit. The

Discounts are also now shown if you've chosen to hide your prices, giving the visitor extra incentive to complete the reveal prices form.

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