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Get paid by Direct Debit from your Storefront

We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for your customers to automatically pay you for their Storage. That’s why we’re introducing BACS Direct Debits (UK) and SEPA Debits (EU) as great new ways for your customers to pay for their subscription from your Stora website.

Reach out if you'd like access via Support.

How it works

You can choose which payment method(s) you’d like to offer on your Storefront for each Site. That means you can:

  1. Continue to only offer Cards
  2. Offer only Direct/SEPA Debits
  3. Offer your visitors the choice of both

If you choose to only offer one payment method, then your booking forms remain as they are. Your potential customer will simply be taken to the relevant Stripe payment page when they press ‘Confirm Booking Now’.

If you offer both, the potential customer is asked to choose which they prefer on your booking form.

Please note:

As with all Direct/SEPA Debits, it can take up to 5 days for a mandate to be set up by the customer's bank. This is out of our control and means a customer could book to move in and have their mandate set up fail, or the first payment fails after they’ve moved in.

Should you choose to offer Direct Debits from your Storefront, we recommend you don’t allow customers to move in for at least 5 days. You can change your customer move in date range from your Site edit form.

Card payments always result in an instant success or failure which is why we recommend using them to ensure the best, least friction experience for both Operator and Customer.

Get insight on your Bookings

Ever wanted to know what the most popular day of the week is for bookings? Or the most popular day? Well, then our new Bookings analysis report is for you!

This release lets you see the following info on your Bookings:

  1. Total bookings in Stora
  2. Most popular day
  3. Most popular time
  4. Heat map of when all bookings were placed

The data can be filtered by Site and Source (Storefront or Backoffice).

Try it out

To see your own Bookings analysis, select Analytics in the sidebar then Bookings.

We’d also love to know - what other Bookings related data would you love to see here? Let us know in the Community.

Collect customer type, marketing source & use case in your Storefront booking form

You can now tailor the text and fields displayed on your Storefront booking form to suit your business. Here's what you can do and how:

Collect extra customer details

On your Booking form edit page you'll find a new section for Form fields, with the following options you can turn on or off:

Customer type

Home, Business, Student, Local authority, Charity

Storage use case

Business needs, Moving home, More space/declutter, Refurb/renovation, Going abroad/travelling, Other

Marketing source

Used before, Recommendation, Received leaflet, Seen building/signs, Seen advert, Google search, Other online search, Social media, Other

Home address

Address, City/town, Postcode, country

You can turn on or off these options at any time by pressing the toggle beside them. You can also control if the customer is required to complete the field or not. Once you've made changes, don't forget to Save the form. They will then appear on your Storefront instantly.

Good to know:

You'll find this info in your new booking emails and on the contacts profile.

Add Purchase Order Numbers

You can now add Purchase Order Numbers to Subscriptions. This can be done when you’re creating a Subscription from the Backoffice, or you can add it directly to any active Subscription.

When an Order Number is associated with a Subscription it will appear on all forthcoming invoices.

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