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Meet your new Site page

We’re pleased to release a new and improved Site page which you’ll now see for your locations on your Storefront. Here’s what has changed:

New layout to improve conversions

The new layout prioritises your visitors getting to see the Unit Types available to them as quickly as possible. We achieved this by moving the Site details to the side (or below on mobile).

Generally, the page is better optimised across all screen sizes, ensuring your visitors get a great experience no matter what device they’re using.

Add more key content

We’ve added a new Site Introduction, which you can optionally add below your Site page title to get more content on the page to guide your visitors and keywords to help with search engine discovery.

This is a rich text field—meaning you can add formatting such as links if you choose. For example, if you have a storage space calculator set up then this is the perfect place to mention it.

To add it, visit your Site in your Stora Backoffice and press Edit. You'll find the new field at the bottom of the page.

View an example of our new Site page

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