Show your Storefront prices including or excluding VAT

From your company page, you can now choose to display VAT/Sales Tax in one of three ways:

  1. No VAT - Removes VAT from all prices
  2. Including VAT - Unit type listings include VAT, then on booking form shown as both inc and ex VAT
  3. Excluding VAT - Unit type listings exclude VAT, then on booking form shown as both inc and ex VAT

Choose whichever suits your business, and as with most things in Stora, you’re not stuck in any decision and can change to another at anytime, instantly!

Add a custom message to customer move in emails

You can now add your own text to the email your customers get on their move in day. It’s perfect to add additional move in instructions, and you can have a unique message for each site you manage through Stora.

Learn how to set it up.

Easily track your customers insurance coverage against what’s available on your policy

When you sell insurance it’s important to know the total amount of cover your customers have purchased from you, that way you can ensure you always have enough available on your insurance policy to cover the total value you’ve sold.

Our new “Customer Coverage Sold” stat on your Insurance page does the hard work for you by automatically tallying the total amount of cover your customers with active subscriptions have.

We then let you add the amount of cover you own on your policy (for each site), and automatically highlight how much is left to be sold, or is oversold so you can increase your cover if needs be.

To do so, simply visit your Insurance page and press “Update” beside the Total available on Policy stat.

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