A Compendium of Self Storage Market Reports



If you're after comprehensive self storage market reports to bolster your strategic decisions, you've come to the right place. Our compendium delivers a robust collection of market data and analysis from across the globe, broken down by region for your convenience. A quick browse through this library will provide insights that shed light on questions ranging from the simple "Who's leading the self storage market in Europe?" to the more complex "How does the pricing strategy vary across different self storage markets?".

North American Self Storage Market Reports

North America, often considered the birthplace of self storage, provides a rich trove of market data and insights. Here's a quick peek at some of our select resources:

2023 Self Storage Demand Study

Compiled by the US Self Storage Association, this Demand Study gives insights into who uses self storage, how and why and, most importantly, projects future demand. Perfect if you’re looking to determine who you should be marketing to. Available to purchase from the association’s website.

2022 Automation in the Self Storage Industry

Produced by AI platform, Swivl, this report takes a look at the technology being adopted in the industry by self storage owners and operators. You can enquire for your free copy from Swivl’s website.

European Self Storage Market Reports

Over the pond, the European self storage market offers a unique blend of established and emerging markets. Our top picks include:

2022 European Annual Industry Report

Delve into the growth potential, regional hotspots, and key challenges of the European Self Storage market. You can download the report for free and also read a summary of the key findings from the Federation’s website.

2023 UK Annual Industry Report

A focused look at Europe's leading self storage market, including pricing trends, occupancy levels and customer behaviours. Available free here.

Australasian Self Storage Market Reports

With the second largest self storage market (after the US) as a member, Australasia offers a wealth of insights into self storage trends and innovations.

2022 State of the Industry Report

Available to members and non-members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia, this report gives a holistic overview of the current demand, performance and customer-base of the region’s self storage market. You can download or enquire about access from the SSAA website.

Asian Self Storage Market Reports

With its burgeoning middle class and urbanisation trends, Asian self storage offers some fresh perspectives.

2022 Annual Survey Report

Self Storage Association Asia provides a comprehensive deep-dive into the latest self storage climate of its member nations. This report also notably discusses the broader macroeconomic trends which could be impacting the industry. Available for free to association members and to purchase for non-members. Visit the Asian Association’s website for your copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is a self storage market report?
Answer: A self storage market report is a comprehensive document that provides an in-depth analysis of the self storage industry in a specific region. It includes data on market size, growth, key players, trends, and more.

Question 2: Why are self storage market reports important?
Answer: Whether you’re an established player or just starting out, these reports are crucial. They offer vital insights into the self storage industry's performance and trends, helping businesses make informed decisions.

Question 3: How can I use the data from self storage market reports?
Answer: The data can guide strategic planning, investment decisions, and operational improvements for your self storage business.


And there you have it – a thorough compendium of self storage market reports to aid in your quest for industry insight. Whether you're a seasoned self storage provider or a new player in the market, these resources will undoubtedly steer your strategies in the right direction. Remember, knowledge is power, and in the ever-evolving self storage industry, staying informed is your ticket to success. Happy reading, folks!

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