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Boosting Profitability Through Self Storage Automation



In the ever-evolving business landscape, profitability remains paramount. It is the lynchpin around which an organisation pivots. "Boosting Profitability Through Self Storage Automation" presents an enticing prospect, doesn't it?

From staffing cost reduction via automated sales technology to an uptick in conversion rates with dynamic pricing, the industry is rapidly evolving. Let's navigate through the world of self storage automation where profitability sees new horizons.

Reduction in staffing overheads

Automated technology holds the potential to revolutionise the self storage industry’s staffing levels in two ways.

Firstly, by substituting human labour with digital solutions, staffing overheads can be dramatically reduced. Unstaffed, remotely-managed self storage stores means saving on salaries, employee benefits, and eliminating human error - all significantly impacting your bottom line.

Secondly, with the staffing levels that you do maintain, you’re able to prioritise more meaningful activities now that you’ve automated the more mundane, repetitive tasks. Now that collecting, processing and chasing payments are all being handled - your staff can spend their time collecting leads, following up on potential customers and building relationships with repeat customers.

Enhancing Sales Conversions

Automated sales technology does not just lower staffing costs; it has the potential to increase sales conversions significantly. Automated systems operate 24/7, handling enquiries and taking reservations, which leads to an increase in your sales conversions. If you have any reporting of users on your website established, you’ll see that a large proportion of people that visit your website do so outside of regular business hours. Being able to assist and guide these people through your online sales process at any time of the day is a surefire way to improve your sales conversion rate.

Dynamic Pricing

Automated dynamic pricing, allowing price adjustments based on demand and market conditions, plays a pivotal role in boosting your profitability. There are a number of ways this strategy can be adopted.

Facility-based dynamic pricing - automated dynamic pricing enables price increases during high-demand periods or when facility occupancy is high. This strategy can lead to a substantial increase in your revenue.

Unit-based dynamic pricing - by continually optimising prices based on real-time data, a particular unit’s location within your facility, or certain characteristics it holds, profits from each transaction can be maximised.

Enhancing customer transactions - service upsells, special promotions and follow-up offers can all boost profitability and all be automated. Storage protection, introductory offers and unit discounts can all be added to your online sales flow and forgotten about. By strategically offering customers additional services, you can increase your average transaction value.


Question 1: How does automated sales technology operate?
Answer: Automated sales technology utilises self-established triggers and conditions to manage sales tasks without the need for human intervention, including handling inquiries, closing sales, and processing payments.

Question 2: What is automated dynamic pricing?
Answer: Automated dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that facilitates the adjustment of prices based on variables such as demand and market conditions.


From enhancing sales conversions and reducing staffing overheads through automated sales technology to leveraging dynamic pricing and automated upsells for maximising revenue, automation in the self storage industry holds the potential to boost profitability like never before. As the self storage industry continues to embrace new technologies, automation is boosting profits to new levels.

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