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Southfield Storage cuts admin in half with Stora


Who are Southshield Storage?

Southshield Storage have been storing goods for people on the Yorkshire Coast since 2005 with their block built units & container storage sites.

Key info

Southfield Storage, a self storage provider with several sites, has experienced significant time savings and streamlined operations since implementing Stora as their self-storage software solution. With a focus on providing a range of self-storage options and continuously improving their facilities, Southfield Storage sought to reduce their admin time managing their growing business. Stora offered the perfect cloud-based solution that addresses their needs, allowing them to focus on expanding their operations.


Southfield Storage was facing challenges managing their growing facilities manually. They sought to automate their invoicing, booking systems, and reduce administrative time spent managing their facilities. With a manned facility, the company needed an efficient solution to manage their increasing workload.

Southshield Facility


Southfield Storage discovered Stora at the Fedessa Conference and were immediately attracted to the easy to use, cloud-based technology, and constant addition of new features. The software's ability to link with coded gate entry and make the entire process seamless was a deciding factor in choosing Stora.


Since implementing Stora, Southfield Storage has experienced massive time savings, improved customer management, and better management information. The software's ability to display unit occupation with move-in dates and effortlessly add new storage sites has streamlined their operations.

In addition, Southfield Storage anticipates a 50% reduction in admin time when all their existing customers are fully transferred to Stora. The company has also seen improvements in their facility management, with Stora easing the process even while operating at near full capacity.

Impact on the Self-Storage Industry:

Southfield Storage believes that automation and modern technology, like Stora, will lead to customers booking storage online as the norm with little or no contact from the facility owner. This change emphasises the importance of implementing efficient software solutions to stay competitive in the industry.

Southshield Striving

Advice to Operators Considering a Software Switch:

Southfield Storage recommends operators considering a switch in software suppliers to take the leap and embrace the benefits of modern technology in managing their self-storage facilities. The time savings, customer management improvements, and overall operational streamlining will ultimately have a positive impact on their businesses.

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