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First-hand self storage experience delivers first-rate software

Did you know our founder and CEO originally invented Stora to make his own self storage business run smoother? Now we're trusted 100's by operators worldwide. Here's our story.

Gavin Shields, Stora CEO
Gavin in his first self storage facility

From Outsider to Insider to Innovator

Jul 2018

In pursuit of passive income

Gavin researches high profit, low effort business opportunities.

Sep 2019

First StoreStuff site opens

StoreStuff Opening

Gavin struggles to find suitable software for running his unmanned site.

“I tested solutions from all of the main providers, but nothing was easy, fast or modern enough…I felt like I’d travelled back in time and landed in 1998.”
Apr 2020

Operations automation frustrations

DIY automation of bookings, payments, move-ins/outs, and comms requires purchase, set up, and maintenance of 14+ tools.

Gavin builds bespoke unified solution.

Sep 2020

1st anniversary

1 site
98 units
$50k annual profit

Dec 2020

Stora launches

Gavin and friends boil 14+ apps down to 1.

“Although we’d built a solution for StoreStuff’s requirements, lots of operators were asking me if they could use it too. So we shared it with the whole industry.“
Oct 2021

2nd location opens

StoreStuff Opening
Oct 2022

3rd anniversary

2 sites
200 units
$120k annual profit


Forecast for the future

10 sites
2,000 units
$1.50M annual profit

GB Storage Storefront

“It's like Gavin shared my business DNA. Every solution I wanted and needed, he had already thought of. And it was absolutely nowhere else. I couldn't find any comparable solutions.”

Karl Walker Owner, GB Storage

Corby Self Storage

“If somebody’s an operator in the self storage business and using their product themselves, then they’re invested—in every sense of the word—in making that product a success. And that gives me a lot of confidence in Stora.”

Roger Canham Owner, Corby Self Storage

Leaders in the community

Operator support

Supporting operators towards success

From our forum where self storage operators can connect and our coaching clinics for startups to our annual social, we run free events throughout the year to help others grow.

Published in the Industry

Proud to be published

When we’re not running events, or posting useful tips and best practices on our own blog, you’ll find our experts gracing the pages of trusted industry magazines.

Self Storage Automation Panel

Sought on stage

Each year, the Stora team are invited to share their knowledge and expertise alongside SSA executives, seasoned professionals, and influencers at some of our industry’s biggest events.

Steeped In Software Design

Nobody in self storage has more cloud software design experience than the team at Stora. Together, our team has founded multiple technology companies and built over 50 commercial technology solutions—making us unmatched in the industry for user experience design, customer experience design, and performance.

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