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Next generation self storage facility maps

Revolutionize how you manage your facility with our award winning interactive site map and map builder.

Self storage management

See real-time vacancies in one place with smart maps

See who's awaiting allocation, which units are empty, and manage them all from data-rich, interactive floor plans.

Self Storage Facility Maps

Birds-eye status summary

Why jump between systems or screens to figure out unit availability when you can review your entire facility at-a-glance?

Point + click management

Point + click management

Swiftly change a unit's status, assign it to a tenant, or jump into a their rental history with convenient selectors and controls.

Live updates

Live updates

With Stora you're always seeing the up-to-date occupancy breakdown. Change a unit's status and watch your map update instantly.

Simple setup

Simple set up

Make your site maps using simple drag and drop controls, or let our team make them for you.

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See how Stora's self storage maps and management tools can help you run your facility more efficiently.

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