Exploring Smart Entry Solutions: Nokē - Self Storage Explained #7

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Episode 7: Nokē

About this episode

In our "Exploring Smart Entry Solutions" series, Gavin speaks directly with leading providers to learn about their technologies, offering self storage operators crucial insights into how these access systems function. Through these conversations, we hope you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind the solutions and their practical benefits.

In this episode, Gavin discuss the features and benefits of the Nokē Smart Entry Solution for self-storage businesses, including keyless entry, mobile app access, and retrofit options.

Key Takeaways

  • The Nokē Smart Entry Solution provides a comprehensive access control system for self-storage businesses, combining mobile app access, cloud connectivity, and retrofit options.
  • The user experience with Nokē is seamless, allowing customers to easily access their units using the app and granting temporary access to movers or other individuals.
  • Cloud connectivity enables operators to remotely manage access control, open entry points, and monitor facility activity in real-time, enhancing convenience and security.
  • While fobs are available as an access option, their usage rate is relatively low, with the majority of tenants opting for the mobile app.
  • Unit alarms are a valuable feature for detecting and preventing security breaches, such as tunnelling, providing an additional layer of protection for self-storage facilities.

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