5 Pop-up Form Ideas for More Self Storage Leads

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Want to boost the number of leads generated by your website? Try a pop-up form! A well-timed pop-up form with the right message can get you leads you otherwise would have missed. Here we share five simple but effective ideas for you to try out.

What is a pop-up form?

Pop-up forms can be set up to appear on your web pages when triggered by specific actions taken by your website visitors. Think of them like a timely nudge in the right direction at an opportune moment, increasing the likelihood of you capturing contact details that you can engage with to complete a sale.

How a pop-up form can be triggered

When a visitor intends to leave your website

On devices like laptops it's possible to detect mouse movements and scrolling behaviour. Consequently, when a visitor is about to exit your website by moving their cursor off the top of the page, a pop-up can be displayed to deter them from leaving without providing a means of contact.

When a visitor has been on the page for some time

A simple trigger to consider is time. If a visitor lingers on a single web page for an extended duration, such as 30 seconds, displaying the right pop-up can effectively guide them through their decision-making journey.

When a visitor scrolls

As visitors scroll to the bottom of a page, they typically ponder their next move—whether to exit or explore another page. At this crucial moment, a well-placed pop-up can guide them towards your desired goal.

5 Pop-up Form Ideas for Self Storage

1. Offer a helping hand

A visitor might leave your website if they can’t find what they are looking for. If you swoop in at the right moment to offer help via a callback you may be able to get their details before they leave. Have this pop-up when the visitor has been on a web page for more than 30 seconds to offer them a helping hand.

Helping hand pop-up

2. Offer a discount

Everybody likes a deal, so if you can offer a visitor a discount before they leave they may just jump at it and you can grab their details in the process. This is well suited to when they’ve been looking at your storage options and look like they’re about to leave. The right discount at this moment could make the difference.

Offer discount

3. Future offers

Often visitors are browsing and aren’t quite ready yet to make a purchase. Rather than offering them a specific deal, you can instead appeal to them with the offer of being notified about future deals. It’s a soft prompt and doesn’t require too much commitment and well worth consideration.

Future offers

4. Price match

Self storage visitors often research their options, comparing product offerings and pricing. A price-sensitive customer may go elsewhere if they find a cheaper price even if they prefer your service. Don’t let that happen with an offer to price-match competitors if it looks like they’re leaving your website or lingering a bit too long.

Price match

5. Help them find the right unit for their needs

Visitors uncertain about their storage space requirements may hesitate to complete a booking. A well-timed pop-up, triggered as they scroll down the page offering a callback, can provide the perfect nudge to capture their information at just the right moment.

Unit size help

How to add a pop-up form to your self storage website

You can engage with your website development team and ask them to implement something to fit your needs.

If you use Stora, simply visit the Pop-up form setup page, turn it on and customise it however you like. You’ll have full control over the text, call to action, imagery, fields to complete, which pages it shows on and how it’s triggered.

Feel free to draw inspiration from our 5 examples and utilise our complimentary self-storage image library to kickstart your implementation.

Ready to gather more leads?

Pop-up forms can be a great way to generate more leads and boost your conversion rates. By assisting visitors with deals, future offers, price matching, or help in finding the right unit, you can capture their details and engage them to become customers. Keep pop-ups subtle and non-intrusive, and always provide value in exchange for their information.

To learn more about Stora and our pop-up forms, schedule a demo call today and get your free account set up!

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