Exploring Smart Entry Solutions: Sensorberg - Self Storage Explained #4

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Episode 4: Sensorberg

About the episode

In our "Exploring Smart Entry Solutions" series, Gavin speaks directly with leading providers to learn about their technologies, offering self storage operators crucial insights into how these access systems function. Through these conversations, we hope you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind the solutions and their practical benefits.

Gulzhanat from Sensorberg sheds light on their digital access control solutions, emphasising a suite of hardware devices and a branded app for comprehensive access management in self-storage facilities. Sensorberg's retrofitting capability and consulting services ease the adoption process for existing sites. The company's offerings are customizable based on customer needs, ensuring a wide-reaching availability.


  • Sensorberg offers a range of hardware devices for digital access control in self-storage facilities, including solutions for doors, gates, elevators, and storage units.
  • The company provides a branded app and a backend system for operators to monitor access requests and sensor results.
  • Sensorberg's solutions can be retrofitted to existing facilities, and they offer consulting services to guide customers through the implementation process.
  • The cost of Sensorberg's solutions depends on the customer's requirements, and the company is available worldwide.

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