Export your subscriptions

Good news data crunchers. You can now export a CSV of your subscriptions! Each export contains lots of data about the subscription - from payment to customer info. Give an export a go and let us know what you think!

Contextual CSV exports

We’ve updated how our CSV exporting works to give you more control over what gets exported. For Subscriptions, Contacts and Occupancy exports, you’ll be exporting whatever the currently selected filters are rather than everything as before.

For example this means you could:

  1. Export upcoming move ins (subscriptions)
  2. Export occupancy analytics for a specific location
  3. Export your leads, and mass-email them from your tool of choice

New booking form price summary optimised for mobile

We learnt that customers were missing the order summary on mobile as it appeared beneath the booking form—so we made things better! Now when a customer books on mobile, they’ll see the price they’ve selected with the option to view a summary or add discount from the top.

Customise your site page titles

Want the page for any of your locations to better explain your facility, or contain more targeted SEO keywords? Good news now you can! Simply edit any site and change the title instantly from the Storefront options section.

Add more data to your customers

When you edit one of your contacts, you’ll now have the ability to add several new bits of data to each.

  1. Customer source - How they got added to Stora
  2. Use case - Why they require storage
  3. Marketing source - How they found you

Good to know: The customer source will automatically be populated too should the booking come from the Storefront, or one of your staff create the booking from the Backoffice.

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