New tools to streamline your customer's transition to automated card payments

We know migrating can be tough. You've likely got 100s of customers in an existing system already paying you in one way or another, and making a change to how that works and the effort to achieve it can be daunting. That's why we've created several new tools which make getting your customers set up in Stora easier than ever. Here's what's new:

Set customers as "awaiting payment card"

Let's say you've added your customers and their subscriptions to Stora, but you don't quite have a payment method yet. You can now set any subscription while creating it, or after it's been set up to "awaiting payment card". This means that once a payment card gets added by you or your customer via their portal, all future payments will be taken from it.

Send an email in one-click that encourages customers to link their payment card

Our new Payment Card Request email is designed to get your customer to link their card for future subscription payments. It's a new effortless way to let them know you've changed how they'll be paying you, and walks them through how to change themselves over to your new approach (with Stora).

You can send this when you're creating their subscription, or at anytime from a subscription that doesn't already have an automated payment method. You can try just sending the email, or phoning the customer first to let them know it's coming — it's up to you.

When they get into their customer portal, they'll see a request to add their card right at the top. Once they have, they're all set up!

You'll get notified by email when they add their card and in Stora — so no need to keep checking if they've done it yet :)

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