Specify how soon your customers can move-in, including same day!

We've released a new feature which lets you set a custom move-in date range. Now you can:

  • Allow customers to book and move in on the same day
  • Take bookings up to 90 days in advance
  • Choose your own range that meets the needs of your business

Add custom Javascript code to enable live chat

Want to give your customers an easy way to get in touch? Now you can by integrating your own live chat app such as Hubspot or Intercom. Simply get your embed code from your chat app of choice and paste it into the custom code snippet box on the Storefront preferences page.

You can actually use this for any Javascript based embeds - for example, you could add a Trustpilot widget for reviews.

New and improved subscription updating

We've made it easier to cancel subscriptions, change the units booked and deal with any necessary payment updates. Visit any subscription to make changes.

We'll be constantly improving the control you have over your customer subscriptions. Let us know if you have any requests!

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