Automatically verify identities with Stora Identity

We've been hard at work on a big new Stora feature which brings next level automation to self storage businesses - Automated customer identity checks

Stora Identity automatically confirms the identity of your customers, so you can reduce the risk of bad actors moving in while minimising friction for legitimate customers.

Why use Stora Identity?

Increase trust & safety

Reduce the number of bad actors and scammers to increase the credibility of your facility.

Reduce fraud losses

Securely collect identity information to determine if a customer is legitimate or fraudulent.

Streamline KYC

Make it easy for your customers to prove their identity prior to move-in.

Automate access

If you’re using a smart entry system/operating unmanned. Let your new customers automatically access your facility with confidence.

Focus your time where it matters

Spend less time on tedious identity checks and unnecessary customer communications, have them checked-in automatically so you can focus on the growth your business.

No set up required

To use Stora Identity all you need to do is turn it on from your Check-in page. There's no commitment, you can try it out and move back to one of our existing check-in approaches instantly if desired.

How it Works

It all happens within your Storefront in a slick conversion-optimised verification flow. The customer never has to leave your website if they’re booking from their phone. If they’re on a desktop computer they can seamlessly move the process to their phone to complete too.

Your customers are asked to verify their identity after booking by taking a photo of an ID document and a selfie.

Photos are checked against global databases, so your customer’s identities can be verified with confidence.

If a customer doesn't verify it's up to you to decide if you should proceed with them as a customer or not. Stora doesn’t automatically cancel their booking if they haven't, it lets you know when they haven't so you can decide.

You can read more about how Stora Identity works in our Help Center.

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