Billing Periods are here!

Today we’re launching one of the biggest new features since the beginning of Stora. It’s a great release with lots of things you’ve requested over the past year—all at once! Here’s a run down of what’s new:

New billing options

Until now every bill in Stora has been monthly, but that’s no longer the case! There are 5 new Billing Periods you can choose to set up by pressing Edit Billing Periods in the top right of our new Pricing page. They are:

  • Every week
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Every 3 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Every year

Set Billing Period prices

With a new Billing Period added, you’ll then need to set prices for any Unit Types or Insurance Cover Levels you wish to offer. The new Pricing page gives you quick and easy access to set these. Once set it’s a great place to quickly view all of your prices too.

With prices set, here’s what you can do next…

Create Subscriptions for Billing Periods from the Backoffice

You’ll be able to select any Billing Period you’ve set up fully when creating a Subscription in the Backoffice. Perfect for those scenarios where you need to facilitate a different agreement with a customer.

Change your Storefront Billing Period for each site

Next, you can edit any site from the Pricing page to change its default Billing Period to be any that you’ve enabled. That means customers on your Storefront will be booking and paying based on your selection.

Please note: This does not mean your Storefront visitors will be able to choose between any Billing Period, they will still only have this one option.

Tailor how prices are displayed for each site on the Storefront

Lastly, you can change how prices are initially displayed to website visitors. Until now they’ve always been weekly, but now you have more options (which you can select when editing a Site).

So if you want to display prices the same way you’re billing them now you can.

🏷️ Discounts: With these changes, we recommend you exercise caution with your existing Discounts, as those that apply across multiple months may not work as expected with the new Billing Periods. Learn more.

Do I need to do anything?

Not if you don’t want to! Everything will work as normal should you chose to keep things as they are now.

Visit our Help Center for more details on how Billing Periods work.

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