New Site, Units & Unit Types pages (+ Site Maps private beta!)

Today we’re releasing some great improvements to help you manage your facilities. We’re also beginning to roll out access to our much anticipated Site Maps feature. Here’s what is new:

A new home for every Site

We’ve evolved our Site pages to make them more useful than ever. When you next login you’ll no longer see a list of Units straightaway, instead you’ll get some high level info about Site such as occupancy, and quick easy ways to drill into specifics about your Site. For now you’ll see sections which link to Units and Unit Types, soon you’ll launch your Map from here too and even more new features in future. The new Site page lays much of the ground work for what’s to come.

Units & Unit Types

Units & Unit Types have been moved to new dedicated pages. This enables you to focus on only the actions and information you need depending on which page you’re looking at.

Site Maps private beta

Maps have been our most requested feature since we launched Stora (many industry folks wonder how we’ve got this far without them!).

We’ve spent a lot of time listening to your needs for Maps and built a tool which lets you easily create your own Site Maps, and manage your facility directly from them.

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