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Take your move-ins to the next level and automate repetitive tasks with 3 new automation features

Part of our mission at Stora is to help you automate unnecessary repetitive tasks and instead focus on growing your business. Today we’re pleased to launch 3 big new features for our Automate and Enterprise plan customers that will help you save countless hours — and you can start using each by simply flicking a switch. Magic! 🪄

Auto-reservation to enable One-Minute Move-ins

Let your potential customer get from outside your front gate to inside their new unit in 60 seconds by enabling Auto-reservation of units for new Storefront bookings.

When enabled, Stora will select the next available unit of the unit type booked and reserve it for the customer. If their move-in day is today, they will get access immediately. If it's in the future, they will be automatically given access on their move-in day. Learn more about how it works.

Turn it on today from the Automation section of a Site edit form.

Auto-deallocation to simplify move-outs

Never forget to remove a customer from their unit. Let Stora automatically deallocate any move-outs at the end of their move-out day making it available for the next customer to move-in. Learn more about how it works.

Turn it on today from the Automation section of a Site edit form.

Auto-update Unit Type availability on your Storefront

Always be confident your unit types are set up on the Storefront to reflect their availability. Let Stora automatically switch the status of any unit type from ‘bookable’ to ‘collect leads’ when it’s full. As soon as one becomes available again, it will automatically switch back for you. Learn more about how it works.

Turn it on from your Unit Type edit forms.

One more thing… Our new Early Access Community with access to our reporting beta!

Customers on our Automate and Enterprise plans will be invited to our new Early Access Space in the Self Storage community.

As an Early Access Member, you'll get access to new features before anyone else, and have the opportunity to discuss them with us and other members.

To start we’ve given access to the beta of our new Advanced Reporting Center. Visit the community today to let us know what you think!

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