New and improved Subscription and Contact pages

As we've rolled out new features to help you manage subscriptions, collect leads and more over the past few months, the pages where you see the details of a given Subscription or Contact have become a bit bloated.

We'll also be adding even more great new features to these pages very soon (Check out our new Product Roadmap for more details), that's why we've spent some time improving these pages, making them more consistent, and easier to use that ever. Here's a rundown of what's changed:

Subscription Pages

  1. To make changes to subscriptions, you previously had to press the "Change Subscription" button in the top right, and find the aspect you wished to change. With our new design, this has been removed, and the actions have been placed on the page, in context. We think it's much more intuitive and hope you do too!
  2. Invoices have been moved to a tab.
  3. You can now add notes to a subscription. 🎉

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Contact Pages

  1. Invoices moved to a tab, alongside any incomplete bookings or interest registered in unavailable unit types.
  2. Improved Identity Verification visibility and, general experience.

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Keep an eye on your inbox over the next week for info on a few more additions that will make managing subscriptions even better! Don't forget to vote for your favourite features, or make your own suggestions on our Roadmap too. 🙌

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