Now available to self storage operators in America, Australia, Canada and the EU

Great news! Stora is now available to 10,000’s more self storage operators worldwide with our latest release which enables support for US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canada Dollars and Euros.

Stora takes care of all of the specifics related to your country - Currency, Tax, Timezone and Metric or Imperial measurements.

If you’re operating outside the UK, schedule a demo to get set up with your International Stora account today.

New ways to customise your homepage

We’ve made your homepage more customisable than ever. You can now hide the Use Cases and Getting Started sections completely. You can also now create your own bespoke Getting Started section.

To do so visit your Homepage edit form, you can then change the text of each Getting Started step, and add or remove additional steps to create your own custom description of your customers book and move in.

Grow with Stora today

Join modern self storage businesses worldwide who grow sales, reduce costs and save time with Stora.