Act on unverified identities

If you're using Stora Identity, it's now easier than ever to quickly see which of your customers have yet to verify their identity and take action. Here's what's new:

  • Home screen action showing you total customers with unverified identities.
  • Updated unverified identities page, making it easier to see who has a failed identity check and who has yet to start their identity check.

What to do if you see a large number of unverified identities on your Home screen

If you've been using Stora for a while, you may encounter quite a lot of unverified identities on your Home screen. The quick way to remove this is to visit the unverified identity page and press Skip All in the awaiting identity check section. You can also individually skip any identity checks which have failed.

Please note that doing this also removes the request for a customer to verify their identity from your customer portal. You can re-request that a customer verify their identity by visiting their Contact profile in Stora and select request again in the identity section at the bottom left.

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