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Add customer reviews to your Storefront

You can now add any reviews you've received to the new Customer Reviews page within your Storefront Settings. Once you have, visit your Homepage edit form to turn on and display your Customer Reviews on your Homepage. You can also add a URL to read more reviews if people have already been writing about you on Google or elsewhere.

Reviews are a great way to validate the value you offer for any potential customers. They usually help convert visitors to customers, so we recommend getting a few added!

Add a feature section to your homepage

Want to add some completely unique content to your Homepage? Well, now you can! Visit your Homepage edit form and turn on the new Feature Section. You can add any title, text and image you like. This is great for telling your customers about a unique aspect of your business, or adding some search engine optimised content like the towns/areas you service.

Fixes and improvements

  • If you allow your customers to move in today or tomorrow, your Storefront booking form now says today/tomorrow instead of the date. A little quality of life improvement for your website visitors/future customers.
  • We've created a new Settings page under the Storefront. You'll need to go here now to edit your Navigation, Preferences, Appearance and Customer Reviews.
  • The Storefront footer now sticks to the bottom of the page
  • The subscriptions page is now the first screen you'll see when you login to Stora.

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