Get a self storage space calculator on your Storefront with Calcumate

We’ve launched an integration with our friends at Calcumate. It enables you to add a self storage unit size calculator to a page on your Stora website. To get yours you will first need to set up your account and calculator with Calcumate, then get in touch with us to create your page for you.

You can see an example of the Stora Calcumate integration working here.

Search your subscriptions and invoices

We’ve added a search function to your Subscriptions and Invoices pages to make it super easy to find what you need.

In addition, these pages have been made more consistent, using the same filtering approach and pagination.

Plus even more great new features:

  • Edit the use cases content on your homepage
  • Edit your homepage metadata to tailor the title and description that appears in search engines
  • Edit your booking form’s disclaimer and insurance text
  • Export a CSV of all your invoices
  • Export a CSV of a sites units and occupancy data from a sites units tab
  • If you’ve yet to allocate a unit to a customer moving in the next day, we’ll email you a reminder that action is needed
  • Is a customer unable to get logged in? You can now send an email asking them to reset their password from their contact page

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