Group unit types on your storefront

Unit Type Groups give you loads more control over how unit types are presented to your customers on your Storefront.

When you set up Groups, you can switch from one big list of unit types to a list of groups instead. These Groups can be for anything you like with custom name, image, description and any unit types you choose. Plus you can:

  • Show a "From price" which is automatically taken from the lowest priced unit type in a Group.
  • Decide the order the Groups are displayed, and the unit types within via a simple drag and drop.
  • Add the same unit type to multiple Groups.
  • Share a unique URL for every Group.

Learn how to set up groups.

Idea for how to use groups

Groups are super flexible, here are just a few ways you could choose to set them up on your Storefront:

Group by size

Group by size

If you've lots of unit type sizes, consider grouping by Small, Medium, Large or similar to help guide visitors to the right fit for them.

Group by type

Group by type

Do you offer indoor unit and containers or another kind of storage at the same facility? If so, Groups are a great way to display these together and make it easier for your visitors to find what they're looking for.

Group by floor

Group variations of the same unit type size

Say you've a multi-floor indoor facility with unit types on each floor priced differently. It would be great to be able to just list "25 Sq Ft from £X" and then display Ground Floor, First Floor, Near Entrance etc together right? Well now you can!

Group by offering

Group standard vs premium product offerings

If you try to upsell your visitors to a premium version of a unit type with extra benefits like longer access hours or no notice period, you can now group these together to give the visitor a focused place to compare and decide.

Group by customer

You can even create unique hidden groups for specific potential customers!

Last up, we have a different kind of suggestion that highlights the power of Unit Type Groups... You can create a group and choose not to have it shown on your website, but the link to it will still exist. That means you can now create a quick Group for specific scenarios.

Say, for example, a customer is trying to decide between a 50 and 75 sq ft. You can create a Group with just those two unit types and send them the unique link so they can book when they decide. You can also add a custom description just for them with any additional info you think will seal the deal.

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