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Introducing the new and improved Backoffice

The next time you login to your Stora Backoffice you’ll notice a few things have changed. We listened to your feedback and iterated on our navigation structure to make it easier to use than ever. We also managed to sneak in a new feature! Here’s what’s new:

A fresh coat of paint 👨‍🎨

With all the improvements we’ve made in the past year, things had gotten a little busy. So we’ve tweaked the user interface with the aim to simplify and improve clarity. For example, there’s a new button system which focuses the attention on the main action in each view.

The new Navbar

Stora now has a navigation bar at the top of the screen. Here you’ll find the name of your business with a link back to your subscriptions, and two new action menus on the right side.

Resources Menu

The resources menu has handy links to our Help Center, Roadmap, Changelog and our new Self Storage Community for operators to get advice, share learnings and connect with other operators. We’ll add more helpful links here in future too!

Account Menu

Previously you edited your personal profile info and logged out from the bottom left of Stora. You’ll now do that from now on here at the top right.

The new Sidebar

At first, you might not think much has changed with our sidebar—but you’d be wrong! Subscriptions, Sites, Contacts and Analytics (the new name for your Dashboard) all now have new sub-menus. These sub-menus expose helpful direct links to some of the pages you’re most likely to frequent.

For example, all of your Sites will be listed, you can get direct to Leads and Customers, and to your Occupancy Analytics. For subscriptions quickly access upcoming, active and previous subscriptions plus...

See who is moving out!

Our new Ending subscriptions view shows all subscriptions that have been cancelled and have an upcoming move out date. It makes it easier than ever to quickly find tenants leaving your facility.

What do you think about our Backoffice improvements? Let us know in the Self Storage Community!

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