Invite your team to your Stora account

Do you have staff, business partners or investors? Good news. You can now invite them all to access your self storage business on Stora with their own unique account. To do so simply visit your new Team page and press invite. You'll then be asked to add their name, email and team role. Currently you can set each invitee up as either:

  1. Owner - Full control over account.
  2. Team Member - Full access to account but can't delete team members / your account.

Visit your team page to invite your team members now.

The Stora Beta Programme

We're constantly working on new features to release to you in Stora, but for some of these we want to test them in live accounts first, to get feedback and iterate in improvements. Since these features are early, they may have bugs, so we've decided to release them only to Stora customers who have opted into our beta programme.

If you'd like to get our newest features first, and are up for providing feedback on them, please

P.S. Our first big beta feature is Invoices, directly in Stora. 👀

Other fixes and improvements

  • On your occupancy page you'll see new stats for your current "% Sq Ft in Use" and "Sq Ft in Use".
  • You're now able to delete leads and incomplete Storefront bookings.
  • Update the image for the homepage getting started section from the homepage edit form.
  • We added a new account settings page to the navigation. Here you can update your company details and manage your team.

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