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Never miss an incomplete booking again

Sometimes your Storefront visitors complete your booking form but don't enter their payment details in order to set up their subscription. These leads stand a great chance of becoming customers in future, and we want to make sure you know about them so you can get in touch to try and finalise the sale. To help, you can now view any incomplete bookings on the page for that contact in Stora. This includes their contact info, and details on the storage they selected.

To ensure you don't miss these leads, we'll email you anytime someone fails to complete their payment form within 10 minutes.

Gain an overview of your occupancy (beta)

We've introduced a new Occupancy page, which gives you a high-level overview of how many of your units are currently in use, and a daily breakdown with more data to help you track progress overtime. We want to add a lot more to this, but decided to release it early so you can try it out so far. Any feedback or requests let us know!

View your occupancy metrics

Automatically overlock your units when payments fail

If you're using a smart entry system like Nokē or BearBox you can now enable your customers units to be auto-locked when recurring payments fail. You can even set a grace period of a few days should you choose before they're locked. To make your life easy the entire process is automated with your customers getting emailed and asked to retry their payment.

If you'd like to use auto-lock you'll need to edit your site(s) and turn it on from the customer access section.

Other fixes and improvements

  • You can now see how many times a customer has logged into their storage management portal, and when they last did by visiting their contact view. Our Storefronts were already well optimised for search engine performance, but they're now faster, and better optimised than ever.
  • We fixed a bug in our subscription change popups which caused text to appear off screen.
  • Introduced a way to change the size of your logo on your Storefront from the Appearance page.
  • Want to track what type of customer someone is? Good news! You can now add a customer type to any contact. Simply edit the contact, and select one of Domestic, Company, Student, Charity or Local Authority.

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